Some actions are purely instinctive, and some instincts purely dormant before actuated in a passion. To me, photography came just like an instinct – hibernating at first and eventually habituating, more or less as a profession. Fortunately, it didn’t lay dormant for long and I have been experimenting and perfecting my instincts, for quite a few years now. A photograph is not merely an instant documented close to reality; it is more of a drama encapsulated in a single frame. Just as a poet adopts a word-approach to portray drama and emotions of instances, a photographer reflects on his interpretations of a subject in a photograph which may have been inspired by muses galore.


Social life is what I mostly reflect on in my photography. A major part of my work is based on protagonists of daily life instances, the people – the drama of whom is verily worth musing.


As for my professional résumé, I have photographed for several brands like Forbes Asia Magazine & CFO Asia Magazine.



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